When we incorporated Rolling Lens in 2018, we had no idea what was in store for us. We also didn’t know how we would operate the business either. All we knew was that we loved to tell visual stories, and that we were excited by the opportunity to do it profitably for our clients.

You’d think that among the first things to be done when setting up shop is to launch a new website, especially when our sister company (Skyline Design) is well-known for just that. This was obviously not the case. Major setbacks—Covid being the least—have made for an unlikely journey to the present.

However, we are proud that since we began, we’ve done commendable videography work. It’s not a lot, neither is it Hollywood material yet, but it is decently professional. What this means is that we now get to put out a new website that isn’t just about expressing our confidence in our skills, but one that puts our money where our mouth is.

So we hope you enjoy taking a look at the projects, and following our blog as we keep sharing really juicy content going forward.

Keep the lens rolling!