Kenyans are an interesting group. We are known to be resilient, sometimes to our own detriment. The year 2020 was tough for most of us because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but one thing we’re grateful for is that our number one coping mechanism as a country—humor—brought to the surface some hidden gems. We discovered hidden talent in video content creators who had us laughing throughout the year, making life just a little more bearable each day.

Here are the ones that are top of mind. None of them have 100% likeable or laughable videos, but no one does, right? We hope at least one of them makes you laugh. What’s amazing to us is that the equipment used and the execution is very basic, and yet it hasn’t stopped them from creating content that Kenyans enjoy watching.

So what’s your excuse today?

1. Flaqo

According to us, Flaqo has the highest ratio of laughable videos. He also puts in a lot of voice acting, makeup and editing work in order to portray the various characters which he mostly single-handedly does.

2. Henry Desagu

Henry Desagu has been creating content for several years now, and it’s really starting to pay off. He currently has over half a million subscribers on YouTube.

3. Njugush

Njugush always makes clean content, being an outspoken family man. His humor is almost … infantile, but it still gets to people and they love him for daring to portray it.

4. Mwas

Mark Mwas mostly reminds us of all the funny aspects of high school life. Most of it just makes you smile, but once in a while you’ll have a good laugh.

5. Nick Odhiambo

Nick Odhiambo is really good at doing voice impressions. Most people watch him on Instagram where he makes Reels, but you’ll also stumble upon his videos on Twitter and YouTube when he’s addressing something that’s trending.

6. Crazy Kennar

Crazy Kennar is quite dedicated to his craft, and is gathering quite a following.

7. DJ Shiti

DJ Shiti is just … well … you’ve thought it, so we won’t say it. But for some reason he’s doing quite well on television, which means a lot of his following consists of people who are not online natives.

Your Thoughts?

So that’s it for our list of funniest Kenyan video content creators. What do you think? Do you know of any great ones we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Keep the lens rolling.